Velohana Velohana Cycling & Strength Training Monthly Subscription


Our flagship program and home to our talented Velohana Cycling Team and our budding Triathlon Team, our monthly cycling and training options are world class and delivered via Training Peaks and the huge inventory of workouts created by Coach Will, with many of those workouts inspired by athletes the world over, but also our homegrown guys and gals! We constantly are improving and as a result, learning! 

Our in house Pro Coach, Will Mather, takes his cues from his stints from all over globe, with influences from USA Cycling, British Cycling, Australian Sports Commission and more! He simply aims to learn all about you, broadening your strengths; strengthening your weaknesses. you'll have local access to the most cutting edge training regimens and learn how to handle your bike.

You'll receive the following:

- Training Peaks App attached to Coach

- Monthly Training Plan adjusted weekly, reviewed daily

- Development of Annual Training Plan

- Use of our trainers and training studio

- Use of our service area and bike tools

- 1 Personal Training Session (1 on 1) Monthly at Velohana Studio


*Power meter, Head unit, sensors all required

| Chris Houghtling

I started training with Will Mather and Velohana in Oct 2019, since the start of my training I have seen improvements I have tried for years and failed to reach. Will structures your training to make you push your limits while not overwhelming your capability. I am 52yrs old and he takes into account my physical capabilities and age to make a training plan that pushes my limits but won't break me off. I am constantly seeing new thresholds and strength gains I knew were possible but couldn't put together the training plan to unlock the potential I had, Will has made that happen. Will's overall goal is to improve you as a athlete and a individual and listens to your goals and develops a training plan to meet those goals and give you guidance to continued improvement. I highly recommend Velohana and Will Mathers no Mather what your goals or discipline in cycling or triathlon you won't regret it.

| Bjorn Marsen

Coach Will of Velohana has allowed me to unlock my cycling potential in the last 1.5 years I have trained and raced under his tutelage. He has also taken great care of my bicycles (from tune-up, over component upgrades to complete build). There is just such a depth of coaching knowledge that Will draws from to come up with a methodical training plan towards the goals, and to do adjustments “on the fly” when necessary.

5 stars based on 2 reviews