Professional Cycle Training

This is the core of Velohana. Built around his experience competing and coaching all over the globe, former National Head Coach and Velohana founder Will Mather gets to work for YOU creating a training plan built around your goals.

Each Velohana Training Plan is custom. No two are the same. Prebuilt training plans are available from Velohana on Training Peaks for those clients not located in the islands. If you'd like a real, pro coach to give you live feedback and technical work to bring about your very best results, then Coach Will and the resources of Velohana are your top choice in Hawaii!

Each Velohana Training Plan includes the following:

- 1 on 1 session monthly

- free access to our indoor training studio

- free use of our service facility and tools 

- free Training Peaks account

- free group training workouts

- discounts towards bike fitting & aerodynamic assessments with Notio Konect


Velohana aims to be a feature rich training and community option for all abilities. If your goals are defined, reasonable and you are willing to do your best and follow prescribed workout, then we think you'll enjoy the creative and challenging workouts you'll find thru Velohana.