Bike Tours

Coach Will and our team aim to create an unforgettable experience riding the roads of our island home. Having enjoyed over 100k miles atop a saddle while living abroad, we think you'll enjoy riding this breezy paradise as much as we do and rest on our experience that Hawaii roads are as capable as the scenery itself. We aim to serve your riding interests safely, delivered with expertise, attentiveness and kindness. We will happily adjust and customize routes to suit your desires. 

With each of the routes indicated here, we hope you'll find a helpful description including distance in miles, type of terrain, anticipated duration and rest stop options along the way.

We also offer a full size run of Argon 18 Gallium Disc road bikes at a discounted rate when you book your tour.

What have we missed? What can we design for you? For further information please reach out to [email protected]!