We are the home of Ironman. When we're not participating in our own homegrown events, we're going out and having fun at other venues within Ironman including team trips to Santa Cruz, Tempe, Arizona, and Augusta to name a few. Velohana has enjoyed 3 qualifiers for Kona in our 3 short seasons of training new triathletes! We're now in the trenches working on a junior program to help bring the whole family into the fold!

Velohana expanded into Triathlon from cycling as it is plainly excellent cross training! Its fun, and our year round conditions create the ultimate training experience. From our crystal clear waters that are an exaggerated snorkeling excursion that we call a 'workout', to trail running high above the city, we just love the variance that triathlon training offers!

Maybe you are just wanting to try it for the first time. Maybe you're not wanting to compete at it. We get it. Its a bit overwhelming, but our community can help you along the way to your first Sprint Triathlon - the shortest and quickest of them all. From there, we can continue to dial in your fitness and get you in the best shape you ever known. Let us be the first to tell you that at Velohana, most of our time is spent simply teaching - and we love that!

Velohana has you covered for not only training, but the gear and accessories to bring about your best fitness. We parter with Finis Swim for all our swim gear, accessories and modalities. We also partner with Argon 18 bikes - the fastest bikes on the market that you'll find beneath the best triathletes in the world.