Trinity Dynamic Bike Fitting by Velohana


Our comprehensive 3-part approach sees you through two fitting sessions over 8 weeks to ensure adaptions & effectiveness. Address your discomfort, optimize your position or plan your next bike purchase with a Trinity Dynamic Bike Fit by Velohana.

Coach Will has over 20 years experience fitting athletes of all abilities and uses the Exit Cycles' MKII Dynamic Fit Bike for precision optimization of your road or triathlon position. We enjoy various methods, but are very keen on F.I.S.T. protocol. We have worked with Serotta, SBC/BG Fit, Retul and others as well.

Our customers have repeatedly expressed the joy of the session as they learned bike handling skills and techniques that serve them well for their cycling career, often the first time they ever learned such subtleties.

Upon concluding your fitting, you will receive a comprehensive fit report you can use for your bike purchase or for designing and building your dream bike - we can help you with all of it!

| Tyler Tsubota

I was interested in getting into triathlon and reached out to Will-- the owner-- who responded promptly and we ended up having a phone call that convinced me I was in safe hands. My personal experience with Will was quite exceptional-- definitely 5/5-- above and beyond my expectations. He's knowledgeable, personable, professional, and most importantly passionate about all things bikes. So don't worry too much about the few negative reviews. Will took me through the fitting process for a tri bike and we got my fit profile. He then worked with me to see what bike brands/sizes I could fit on based on that profile. He wasn't pushy about one brand over the other, but he is so passionate about all things bikes that he couldn't hide which ones were his personal favorites. I ended up getting a bike through him and he built it up to my fit. Recently did my follow up fit with him (which is a part of his fitting process) just to make sure everything was working out and that my body was adapting well to the new position. He gave me some pointers on the more subtle/technical aspects of how to ride as we reexamined my fit. He also took the time to give my bike a quick tune up while I was there. Plus I also got to have an enjoyable conversation about bikes and triathlon which is always desirable. I'm shocked how comfortable I've been able to get on a tribike, and how aero that also happens to be-- but I suppose thats exactly what a fit is for. The thing that has been most outstanding is Will's care and investment in my own riding enjoyment. Through all our interactions, he has made it apparent that the most important thing to him is that I have a great experience when riding my bike-- which I definitely am! His passion for biking is infectious and his skills as a fitter have worked well for me. I highly recommend his services.

| John Karkovice

While the bike fit made a world of difference in ride quality, I'm even more excited about the knowledge I gleaned during the process. I was already an experienced cyclist, but I had no idea how much there still was to learn. Will is extremely well versed in his craft, but more importantly, he's able to impart what he knows to make you a better cyclist.

| Rodriquez Spurgeon

Had an excellent experience getting my bike fitting with Velohana Cycling. Will was patient, informative, and helpful when accessing my riding form and answering my questions. He was able to identify things I needed to correct and any changes I needed for my bike to help me have a better overall riding experience. He also follows up to ensure everything is going well. I highly recommend this place!

| Evan Paige

This was my first time getting on a true road bike and Will guided both my wife and I towards success. Not only did he work with a bike we already had purchased and helped set it up correctly, he was extremely willing to share his breadth of knowledge with us. We both walked away feeling very confident in his his process and better prepared for the journey to come. Definitely satisfied and thankful to Will for helping us begin a wonderful foray into road biking.

| Daniel Otchere

Will Mather and Velohana were highly recommended by a local cyclist. I was experiencing lower back pain and discomfort amongst other issues. After more than eight years of cycling, I never had a proper bike fit. Not only did he give me a detailed bike fit, I also received valuable tools and information to put in my cycling kit bag to make me a better and safer rider. I highly recommend Velohana to novice and experienced riders and anyone wanting to improve on their shortcomings. I have had an awesome six months on the island. Thanks, Will!

| Ethan Robertson

I had a phenomenal experience with Will Mather at velohana. I was having knee and wrist pain and in one afternoon he fixed all of that. He really cares about making sure you are comfortable and enjoy cycling. I highly recommend his fitting service.

| Everett Jellinek

I got my fit from Will, and he did a fantastic job. He does great work on bikes, and his coaching results speak for themselves. 5/5 would recommend to a friend.

5 stars based on 7 reviews