Static Bike Fit for Road Bikes


Are you having pain or discomfort while riding completely unrelated to the efforts put in? Are you curious if you can optimize your position on the bike? Do you simply wish to be faster and record your current positioning for future comparison?

Velohana's bicycle fitting methodology is a real mix. A longtime bike fitter by trade, having worked with several domestic and local athletes alike in both cycling and triathlon, Will has worked with Serotta, Specialized/Body Geometry, Retul, Guru, Zinn and more.  

There are few hard and fast rules, as fitting a bike is very personal and we back our fitting approach with a second follow up fit within 3 weeks just to allow for a thorough understanding and adaptive phase to flush out any other nuanced adjustments.

You will be required to bring in your bike, full kit and a water bottle dressed for a workout. We'll mount your bike to our Elite demo station and we'll begin a series of procedures that will help to naturally support an unnatural, force generating position. A power-based, terrain simulating series of refinements will help us to ensure you are in an optimal position.


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